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10 UFO 2017 Sightings Caught on Camera

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From a strange square shaped spacecraft with a rotating core to clusters of unknown lights in the sky at various locations around the world, here are 10 UFO 2017 caught on camera.


10. Witnesses catch a strange array of colors caught in the sky of mid-west USA.

9. A diamond shape UFO with a spinning core spotted over multiple cities in India

8. A family celebrating New Years 2017 capture the lights of a UFO fleet in the sky

7. Green UFO caught on tape ring hovering in the night's sky

6. Strange silver cloud spotted hovering on spot

5. A couple of woman capture strange unknown lights over their car. They debate if it is a UFO or a drone. You decide.

4. A UFO is caught crossing the path of a commercial airliner

3. Pair of UFOs been spotted in Malaysia

2. UFO sighting Temuco, Chile

1. UFO caught on tape in Hong Kong hovering in the night sky

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